Doc Mornings: Technology, Media and the Image: Freedom on the New Screen?

11. 11. 2016 / DUPLEX100m2


Jasna Jelisić, Political Advisor, EU Delegation to B&H

Angelika Spangel and Matthias Krepp, filmmakers, Austria

Guillermo Carreras-Candi, filmmaker, Head of Video at PlayGround, Spain

Sepideh Farsi, filmmaker, Afghanistan – France


Kumjana Novakova, Pravo Ljudski Film Festival


Form and format conventions are no longer confined to specific media platforms. The democratization of communication and content creation has transformed and even destroyed many of the old “holly” barriers even in film: film-makers are no longer distant and even different from their own audiences, story-telling is no longer a singular voice and Hollywood and the a-likes can no longer define the creative process by using money as the metrics and defining creativity as a disgraceful blend of launch date, metrics and finance.

Communication became playful, and even self-reflexive and participatory, as the new media modes have opened new spaces, with social media being the most important of which.

Mostly through social media, new collaborative practices among content creators, platforms and audiences are in formation in cinema as well, and for the brave new film-maker the opportunities for art and generating income coexist in a new format.

How are our images produced in the context of the new communication age?

Can we afford to despise the new screen, the social media, or should we embrace it? How?