Workshop: Dreamers

11 – 12.11. 2017 / Sarajevo


Neven Misaljević, Budimir Željko-Keko, Ervina Muftić


The participants of the project „Stariji brat, starija sestra“ („Older Brother, Older sister“), whose network is coordinated by Association Narko-ne will develop their own and unique visual view of the animated film „Spirited Away“ through comics workshop by illustrating their own magical worlds and all the good that is in them. Their visions will be captured not only by means of comics, but also through documentary photography. This initiative in association with Pravo Ljudski Film Festival has been developed with Assocation Urban and supported by UNICEF.  





Neven Misaljević (1979) is a coordinator of educational/creative workshops on documentary and authorship comics for all who are interested. He is also an illustrator/designer for printed materials and books of small-press graphic collective Stripnjak Comics.


Ervina Muftić (1989) studied architecture. She was interested in drawing and grafics for a long time and has been a participant of several workshops and competitions. She won first prize for the best comic on the theme „Life I’m Living“. This is the first time she considered comics and illustrative work as a media that can speak social responsibility.


Budimir Željko-Keko (1972), passionate about photography, especially portrait photography and the street in one of the main subjects of his work. He founded the Association of photo enthusiasts „Kontrast“ and has been a professional photographer for UNICEF BiH on the projects „Let’s Talk About Possibilities“ since 2013 until this day. He participated in more then ten local and worlwide exhibitons.