How Does Freedom Sound?

Workshop: How Does Freedom Sound?

9 – 13.11. 2017 / Sarajevo

Tutor: Marcus Beuter

What defines the freedom of movement in everyday life in Bosnia-Herzegovina? What are the sounds that represent freedom of movement and aspects of its limitation? The participants of the How Does Freedom Sound Workshop will question and adress the polivalency of freedom with special focus on freedom of movement in psyhical aspect, freedom of thought and other ways of egzistential and political freedom. This workshop also consists of learning various cinematography techniques and types of microphone as well as introduction on aestethics and ethics of filming on public places. Through their research project participants will record (create) field recordings through which they will make final sound projects, individually or by collaboration. All of the participants will do a mutual performance at the closing day of the Zoom Rights Youth Festival.



Marcus Beuter
Sound artist, composer of electro acoustic music, improviser. Journeys through Europe, Iran, Pakistan, Laos, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Gambia, Senegal, Brazil, USA, Georgia, Armenia. In the center of his work are field recordings.



Delila Bajrić
is young activist, poet, worker, educator, social inovator. Her engagement is reflected in the fields of humans rights, young people’s need, advocating and promoting peace, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, social entrepreneurship and in the field of applied art.



Amela Frljučkić
Sound reminds of everyday life! I am rational optimist, dedicted friend and hater of nationalism and chauvinism.


Anel Omić
I am Anel. I love anime and I enjoy music. I don’t like to be photographed. When I say sound, I think about guitar strings.


Benjamin Rifatbegović
I am Benjamin Rifatbegović and I am involved in music production and DJ-ing. I like music, I don’t like people. When I say sound, tone test at 1.00 KHZ is the first thing I remember.


Boro Dukić
I am Boro. I love music, nature and birds. I hate nationalism!


Emina Ema Kadrić
I am Ema. I like happenings; I don’t like waiting. When I say sound, I think about experience of world around me.


Ivanino DaVillano Đukić
Kad I think of sound, I recall my assistant D. V. and millions of deffinitions of sound she made. I like fries, mayonaise, mist in which no one sees me, markets, and all kind of other stuff.


Jovana Radaković
My name is Jovana and I like everything others don’t like. (I love stoner metal.)


Lazar Rajković
I am Lazar. My friends say that I listen to depressive music. I hate that.


Malik Pašić
I am Malik. I am rarely in bad mood, but sometimes I am nervous, and sounds of metal grinding from the next room or fork slamping tingles from my brain all the way to the coccyx bone.


Rabija Nurkanović
Rabija – the spring. Addicted to hugs, cats and Mika Antić. Enemy of pesimism and sadness. Noise, tone, sound and music are means of my teleportation into another dimension.


Tarik Bičo
Sound in the context of listening I connect with the word impression.