Zoom Rights Best Film for Youth

Special Mention


We are giving a special mention to “Starless Dreams” by Mehrdad Oskouei, a very moving film that has the ability to present real stories of young women offenders and their position in society in a sensitive and unexpected way, showing how they are both strong and fragile. This film is important because it gives a new and unique picture of Iran and it draws attention to a lack of support those women get in a system that’s marked by systematic and physical violence and where the only support they get is through relationships they create among themselves.


Best Zoom Rights Film for Youth


Best Zoom Rights Film for Youth is “A Brief History of Princess X” by Gabriel Abrantes. Even though the decision wasn’t easy because there were a lot of other great films in this category, we chose to award exactly “A brief History of Princess X” for its ability to bring youth closer to the language of documentary films in a creative and humorous way, for the ability to reconstruct history while still maintaining the playful atmosphere of the story. For creating the specific pace of the film with scenario and the style of acting. We think this film is important because it’s inspirational and it challenges the prejudice that art history is not approachable for the general public. It sparked in us a new curiosity in both filmmaking and art in a way that we didn’t expect.