Zoom Rights Jury

Azur Delibašić

Azur Delibašić is a high school student from Kakanj, BH. He loves sports but also spends his free time learning about design. Besides schools, he is a freelance writer for a bosnian journalist web portal.

Berina Obralija

Berina Obralija considers herself a creative and imaginative person. She loves singing, painting and writing, and also spending time with her friends. She enjoys watching romance and fantasy films.

Hana Huskić

Hana Huskić is a United World College graduate and is currently taking a gap year in Sarajevo, working as a freelance writer for magazine for education “Školegijum“ and „Bona“, the first BiH magazine for feminist theory and art.  In 2018 she will enroll in Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania to study Cultural Anthropology and Theatre Arts.

Igor Panić

Igor Panić is a high school student involved in debating. He participated in numerous high school competitions as a team leader. He loves reading classics, listening to good music and travelling and is currently learning Chinese. He's a documentary film fan

Irma Jukić

Irma Jukić is a high school student from Tuzla. She loves art and plans to expand this love professionally. She was an Animation Camp participant in Mostar in 2017 and is a winner of various art awards.

Katarina Andrejaš

Katarina Andrejaš is a high school student and a passionate photographer. Her photo art won numerous awards in various photo competitions. She is also a third award winner for the Pravo Ljudski Human Rights photo competition in 2014.

Lorena Grbavac

Lorena Grbavac is a second-year- student of Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo. She has been involved in activism and volunteering for number of years. She avidly enjoys watching films and reading.

Maša Rašković

Maša Rašković is a high school student born in Podgorica. She participated in this year's Animation Film Camp in Mostar and has been a peer educator during Anne Frank exhibition in Tuzla. She loves learning new things and spending time with friends.

Nermina Delić

Nermina Delić is a high school student from Gračanica, BH. She grew up in SOS Children's Village in Gračanica. She actively participates in various extracuricular activities such as volunteering in Red Cross. She wants to study architecture.

Sabahudin Gluhović

Sabahudin Gluhović has been is actively involved in singing and performing since very young age. In 2011 he got his first acting break on various subjects: tolerance, violence, reconciliation etc. His first film role was the one for the film „Mrtve ribe plivaju na leđima“ (2017). He is one of the lead actors in feature film „Na birou“.

Tarik Jašarović

Tarik Jašarović is a high school student who loves acting and therefore a member of every acting club in Brčko. He spends his free time watching films and TV shows, loves collecting records and watching films – especially crime and adventure.