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13. Pravo Ljudski Film Festival: Nov 28 - Dec 03, 2018

Zoom Rights Jury

Alba Demiri

Alba Demiri is a high school student from Kosova, who among other things enjoys photography, writing in her diary, reading novels, and painting. As part of Youth Jury at DokuFest 2018, she had the chance to involve in conversations about movies and visual narration.

Boris Simić

Boris Simić graduated from High School of Electrical Engineering „Nikola Tesla“ in Belgrade. He is the director of several short movies. He also performs at the amateur theater called „Teatar 5“. During his free time he is failing at the entrance exams for directing studies.

Dunja Belić

Dunja Belić is currently studying at the Philology high school in Belgrade, where she is among the first members of the debate club. In her free time she writes essays on literature, movies and comics, but her passion also includes directing short movies and stacking puzzles.

Era Qena

Era Qena is a second-year student of cultural antropology from Pristina. She has always been surrounded by art and she really loves it. She believes that art canmake a difference in the world.

Eranda Bokshi

Eranda Bokshi is a 21 year old student of philosophy. Philosophy helps her to understand and analyze her passions such as cinema,art, literature and writing in a more meaningful and fullfilling way.

Ergin Adrović

Ergin Adrović (2001) živi u Kiseljaku, gdje pohađa srednju Školu „Ivan Goran Kovačić“, smjer Dizajner odjeće. Sudjelovao je na projektu „Hoćeš kod mene?“ (umjetnički laboratorij filma i stripa). U slobodno vrijeme bavi se fotografijom, čitanjem knjiga, posebno romana, crtanjem, slikanjem, treniranjem i voli gledati filmove.

Kerim Sefer

Kerim Sefer (1998) is a student of communicology at The Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo. He is the author of a sci-fi novel and short film, and also an editor of a radio show for young people. In his free time he is writing a script for his new short film and is actively writing for several portals and web magazines.

Milorad Savanović

Milorad Savanović is a student of Multimedia Directing at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. He works as a freelance 2D animator and illustrator. He likes traveling, listening to music and enjoying in visual arts. In his free time he plays gypsy swing.

Natalija Milojković

Natalija Milojković is a high school student from Niš. She likes to read, travel and engage in social life through volunteering. She also likes doing photography from time to time. Natalija wants to expand her knowledge and her love for the movies, so she decided to study film directing.

Nejra Ahmetović

Nejra Ahmetović is a first year student at the Faculty of Criminalistics, Criminology and Security Studies in Sarajevo. She spends most of her free time doing volunteering jobs. She also enjoys in writing and reading books, listening to music and watching movies.

Rigers Shimaj

Rigers Shimaj (20) lives in Tirana, Albania. He is studying for film directing in the Academy of Arts. He has been participating in different film festival around the Balkan during this years and that helped him to understand more about our cinematography.

Zerina Oručević

Zerina Oručević is a student of the High School of Fine Arts “Gabrijel Jurkić”. From very young age, she lives in a theatre and is currently part of the ensemble city scene „Toni Pehar“ and the ensemble YCC „Abrašević“. She wants to do theater (and even cinema) for her whole life. She also enjoys drawing comics and playing drums.