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Hrvoje Klasić: Does 1968 Work?

Hrvoje Klasić: Does 1968 Work?

29.11.2018 / Meeting Point Cinema, Sarajevo


In a political, military and cultural sense, the 1960’s are one of the most challenging and tumultuous post-war decades. The number of transitions and changes in the world have left its trace on the Yugoslav society. The best example are surely the anti-war protests for peace in Vietnam all over Yugoslavia, the student movement in 1968 in bigger Yugoslavian cities, the influence of the New Left political force on Yugoslavian Marxist philosophers, as well as increasing number of Western culture and subculture influences in the Yugoslav society. With the ongoing world changes, everything that was developing in Yugoslavia has been partially caused by the specific geostrategic, as well as economic-political position of Yugoslavia, torn between the Communist East and Capitalist West.


The year of 1968 was the first post-war year that will shake Yugoslavia from the inside. Politicans, as well as citizens will be faced with new challenges and questions, but also baffled with the unexpected answers.

Hrvoje Klasić (1972, Croatia) has graduated at the Department of History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, where he also got his MA and doctorate degree. He has been working as a history professor at the Gymnasium in Sisak from 1995, and at the Faculty of Philosophy (Department of History) from 2003. He has participated in numerous conferences and symposiums in Croatia and the world. Hrvoje Klasić is the recipient of the Annual Award of the University Professors and Scientists Society in Zagreb for the year 2006, as well as the Annual Award of Town of Sisak for the book „Croatian Spring in Sisak“. He is the co-author of the documentary series „Croatian Spring“, produced by Croatian Radio-Television.