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13th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival – Call for Internship

Pravo Ljuddski Film Festival invites all interested young people, students of Social Sciences seeking to acquire new knowledge and experience, to intern on the 13th edition of the Festival, which will be held in the period from 28th  November to 3rd December this year. During the two-month participation in the realization of the Festival (from 8th October to 15 th December), Pravo Ljudski offers the interns a dynamic working environment which could give them the opportunity to gain new knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the chance to contribute to the Festival with their present qualities. By the end of the engagement, interns will receive the certificate of internship at the worldwide-affirmed Festival with long tradition and a great reputation, which could greatly benefit them in finding new professional engagements.

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival is looking for interns in the following positions:

  1. COMMUNICATON ASSISTANT (2): Position implies engagement in media communication, and assisting to the PR of the Festival. In addition to the interest in creative writing, it is desirable for candidates to have a clear and precise expression in letters and speech, knowledge and experience in the field of communication and journalism, and knowledge of techniques of presentation in traditional and new media.
  2. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT (2): Position implies engagement in all types of administrative tasks during the preparation of the Festival and its realization. Candidates are expected to have good organizational and administrative abilities and skills, to fulfill multiple tasks at the same time and by the given deadlines, and to have experience and knowledge in similar jobs as well.
  3. PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (1): Position implies work on production activities and assisting the producers of the Festival. Speed, precision and efficiency are expected from the candidates, as well as good communication skills, willingness for team work and an extended working day. Experience in similar jobs is desirable as well.
  4. HOSPITALITY ASSISTANT (1): Position implies communication with guests, active exploration the most suitable fares for guests transportation, to record basic data about guests of the Festival, and carrying out administrative tasks. In addition to communication skills, efficiency and speed, it is advisable for candidates to have skills such as resourcefulness and kindness, as well as experience in similar jobs.

Applications need to be submitted by the 4th of October by the e-mail. Interested applicants can send a letter of motivation and CV on B/H/S languages. For more information, please write to our email address:

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview.

Please note that the internship on the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival does not involve financial compensation.