extra muros Award

Color photography on Kodak paper, 29×19,5cm, edition of 5 + 1 AP, 2013-2017

No trace promises the path

Bojan Stojčić

extra muros Award for best new author of the 12th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival is presented in collaboration with Duplex100m2.

Bojan Stojčić’s work is based primarily on interventions in public space (both physical and virtual).Those interventions are primarily textual and almost always demonstrate intimate thoughts and ideas of the artist. Positioned in particular places or set on different objects coming from artist’s living space, all his works carry a message that is provoked with time and space, but also with the artists position within those frames. More than that, some works (realized in different institutions) are politically and socially engaged and use the space itself to bring about these written metaphors.

Bojan Stojčić was a ZVONO award finalist (2014) and a winner of National drawing competition (2014), among other prizes and recognitions. His works are collected by the Deutche Telekom, Digital Art Collection, Agnes b collection, KFW bank, and privates collection in Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and France.