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13. Pravo Ljudski Film Festival: Nov 28 - Dec 03, 2018

extra muros Award

Digital print on canvas (framed), 70x50cm, edition FAKE ART, 2014

A Safe and Secure Way to Store and Organize Your Knives

Anur Hadžiomerspahić (1971 – 2017)

extra muros Award for best new author of the 13th PravoLjudski Film Festival is presented in collaboration with Ideologija.

In Anur Hadžiomerspahić’s artwork, “Human Condition” is a representation of his life’s condition and work deeply marked with exile, changes of living conditions and constant struggle for existence. You can say that the “Human Condition” and its psychological-autobiographic narrative which stems from the analysis and representation of one owns’ condition in one owns’ surroundings and circumstances in which he found himself, to detecting appearances widely connected to social, cultural and political context. Art, or a poster as an art form, was the only way in which Anur could write down, acknowledge, and preserve his feelings and emotions. – Asja Mandić

Anur Hadžiomerspahić (1971 – 2017)  is an artist and graphic designer. He is the first B-H artist who exhibited his work at the main expo of Venice Biennale. He is the founder of creative agency “Ideologija”, as well as co-founder and creative director of the project and, later on, the Musem of Contemporary Art Ars Aevi. He won numerous awards for design and advertising, amongst which are Advertainment Award in Milan (2000) and Epica Award in Paris (2001).