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Hoćeš kod mene?

Workshop: Hoćeš kod mene?

10 – 13.11. 2017 / Sarajevo

Hoćeš kod mene? is an art laboratory of film and comics which include 20 creative young people, ages 17-24, from Doboj, Čapljina, Jajce and Kiseljak. During their one-year-long involvement in the project, the participants will work with film and comic artists, share their experiences of film and comics and continue to build mutual life experiences by working on a collaborative basis for creative expression. All of the participants will be included in five-day film and comics workshops that will be held in one of the cities form which they come from as well as in one of forementioned cities. They will stay with their peers/participants from the city where the workshop will be held and they will have the opportunity to host another participant in their home during that time.