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On Political Imagination

29.11.2018 / Sarajevo

Moderator: Kumjana Novakova, PravoLjudski Film Festival

Participant: César Vayssié, filmmaker, artist, France 

The possibility of comparing the conditions of action does not necessarily mean the possibility of seeking solutions in the past collective actions, such as in student and workers’ protests in 1968. Continuity is, of course, easily noticeable in the divisions of the society, collective (class) inequalities and totality of the Capital.

However, the cacophony in public space, the fragmentation, media and political noise in today’s society of late capitalism, of course, make collective action and the processes of association of the oppressed almost incalculable. The commodification of public means authority over and above the background, above the space for re-articulation of the daily social relations, that is, authority over the means of struggle: the space for exchange of opinions and space for action such as time. In this regard, subversiveness or political subjectivity cannot be “borrowed”, protest and resistance do not arise by mere gathering of a large number of people in favour of a certain common cause or goal, but through our, and only our, ways in which we rearticulate social relations and power, and thus open new (conceptual) horizons.