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Bikini Moon

2017 (102’)



Director: Milcho Manchevski


A charismatic homeless woman captures the attention of a documentary film crew who are ready to exploit her story for their own shot at independent movie fame in this very modern, urban fairy tale set amidst a fractured ideal of family.



Fantasporto FF, Italy, 2018

Nashville FF, US, 2018 – Grand Jury Prize


Original language: English

Editor: Ann Husaini

Cinematographer: Joshua Z Weinstein

Producers: Anja Wedell, Muniré Armstrong


Contact: Anja Wedell


Munire Armstrong


Milcho Manchevski  is one of the most original and innovative artists of our time for his unique blend of experimentation, poetry, emotion and a demand for the active participation of the viewer in the construction of meaning. His acclaimed “Before the Rain” is considered one of the greatest debut feature films in the history of cinema and one of the most important films of the decade. Manchevski’s work has screened at more than two hundred festivals, and has been distributed in close to 50 countries (theatrically, TV, cable and video).