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Days of Madness

2018 (74’)



Director: Damian Nenadić


„Days of Madness“ depict an incredible odissey of two psyhologically completely different and unjustly cast away individuals that are learning to embrace their sense of own difference, faced with the blindness of society that has declared them hopeless, while the health care system has named them addicts.



Zagrebdox, Croatia, 2018– Special Jury Recognition – Regional Selection

Festival of Slovenian Film 2018, Slovenia – Vesna Award for Special Acchievements

Locarno FF, Switzerland, 2018 – Critic’s Week Competition, International Premiere

DokuFest, Kosovo, 2018 – In Competiton – Balkan Dox

Makedox, Macedonia, 2018 – In Competition – Newcomers

DOK Leipzig, Germany, 2018 – International Programme, MDR Filmprize Nominee


Original language: Croatian

Editor: Sandra Bastašić

Cinematographers: Maja Šćukanec, Mladen Bađun, Damian Nenadić, Srđan Kovačević

Producer: Oliver Sertić


Contact: Oliver Sertić – RESTART

A: Prilaz Gjure Deželica 74

10000 Zagreb, Croatia/Hrvatska



T: +38515573860

Damian Nenadić (Croatia, 1979) has graduated Film and TV Cinematography at the Academy for Dramatic Arts, and Biology at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb. He has been a long-time trainer of monkeys and sea lions in the Zoo and working on animal sheltering and protection in Portugal, Spain, France and Croatia. He has exhibited in numerous locations, in different media, focusing particularly on the human-nature relation. He is currently engaged as a freelance photographer and cinematographer, as well as video director.