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Occupation of Cinema in 68 Images

27.11. – 3.12.2018 / Sarajevo


Tutor: Smirna Kulenović


Together we (re)create imaginary student demonstrations, 50 years later. What are they addresing? How are they organised? In what way we use art as method of critique, communication and direct action? Starting with the influence of Situationist International on the events of 1968, we look into contemporary art practice so that we can create new artistic materials which follow student protests in Sarajevo, year 2018.


Smirna Kulenović is an anarchist-oriented contemporary artist, activist and curator working in a wide spectrum of media; from performance and visual art, film and text to guerilla activism and direct action/intervention in public space. She is an art consultant and curator in Contemporary Art Gallery Brodac in Sarajevo, founder and art coordinator of Dobre Kote in Sarajevo, and also founder and curator of Nomadic Art Collective TAZ 22.