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Zoom Queer

01.12.2018 / Sarajevo


Tutor: Emina Bošnjak


From homoerotics through Bechdel test to 20gayteen! How does film art and TV industry represent the identity plural in the LGBTI community? What are their bodies and characters like? Do they remain stereotypical or can they be transformed? During this two-hour workshop, you will have the chance to discover queer artists where you least expect them, subtext matter where you didn’t see it before, but also to find out what is the difference between transgender and intersex.

Emina Bošnjak (1983, BiH) is the executive director of Sarajevo Open Centre (SOC) – independent feminist organization for civil society that aims to empower lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and intersexuals (LGBTI) through the strenghtening of community, activist movement and advocating for advancement of legislative and public polices in BiH. In her spare time, she is faithfully devoted to even the worst film and TV productions if there is a lesbian enovolved, although she has learned with time to recognize quality lesbian movies and shows.