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Workshop: Reclaiming the Role: The Subject and the Troubled Mind

30.11.2018 / Sarajevo

Tutors: Emina Zoletić, Samira Selesković


We live in the world where there is a perpetual stigma of mental illness and trauma. The same perspective that excommunicates the mentally disordered from their community, aims to deminish the meaning of anxiety and depression, and refuses to reflect on their devastating impact. This workshop is based on the psychodrama metodology, through re-experiencing past events, intimate reflections and untold dreams, or imaginary future events, as to find new answers to situations already endured and right answers to new situations.



Emina Zoletić is a clinical psychologist who lives and works in Tuzla, BiH. After she graduated psychology at the University of Sarajevo, she started working at the Institute for Psychological and Social Protection at the Clinical Center of the University of Tuzla.

She is a post-graduate student of clinical psychology studies. After she completes her MA in Epidemiology at the University in Rotterdam, she plans on enrolling to PhD programme in one of the countries of European Union. Her specific scientific interest is examination of trans-generation transfer of traumatic experiences and memories.

Samira Selesković is licenced psychologist, as well as pyschodrama psychotherapist. She is in possesion of National Certificate for psychotherapy of the Republic of Srbija. She is employed at the Association for Integrative Psychotherapy „psychodrama“. While working at the Clinical Center of the University of Tuzla, she is mainly focused on psychotherapeutical work with children and young people. In the last decade she has been coordinating psychological and psychodrama workshops, as well as therapy groups.