Online Screenings

During its nine years of work, Pravo Ljudski has developed as an independent, not-for-profit civic association aiming to promote independent cinema, art and culture, resting upon the power of socially engaged audio-visual arts and particularly independent documentary cinema and socially engaged art forms in general.

Pravo Ljudski channels its work through three distinct, yet interdependent departments – 1. Pravo Ljudski Film Festival and film related activities, 2. An educational department developing and working with unique interactive methodologies resting upon the use of audio-visual arts and documentary film, and 3. A production department, developing film projects, audio-visual art pieces, as well as providing training for use of video in various areas. Interdepartmental programs focusing on gender and feminist issues, as well as environment, contribute to the work of the two main departments and to the individual initiatives developed by the program staff.

The activities of Pravo Ljudski include, but are not limited to, the annual Pravo Ljudski Film Festival (second week of November), youth program Zoom Rights, educational program Zoom Rights in School, public campaigns aiming at the promotion of independent film and arts, film education, and diverse initiatives aiming at the promotion of independent documentary cinema.

Our different programs and initiatives constantly address personal and social issues, bringing together diverse audiences and expanding the concept of documentary beyond film screenings, so to engage with the wider artistic, social and political issues.