Film Festival
News - 17.12.2021.

The 16th edition of the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, and our second online edition is coming to an end. For the past 17 days we screened films that reflect upon the era of mass extinctions and biological erasures, the era in which the human experience of life is interrupted. Thus, the 16th edition was about feelings and experiences of the world presented as a collective spiral, shaped by feminist actions, ecological interventions as well as struggles for a common, collective future.

In the next 24 hours our journey of audio-visual sensations comes to an end. The closing film is the posthumanist work Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies (Retroflectors: the astronaut, the robot, the alien) followed by a conversation between director Ralo Mayer and our festival programmer Adrianna Quena.

Mayer’s film deals with collective life in techno-mediated reality, somewhere on the verge of 80’s American pop-culture sci-fi and our times. The film is theoretical as much as it is a cinematic work that advocates the possibility of seeing film not only as a methodology of studying the world but also of creating the world. With an overall idea of the importance of being together, it goes a step further: together with whom? And, we would like to leave it here for each of you to find his/her/their world of togetherness…

A film is an act of intimate, personal observation and reflection, a study of shared space and time. We are honored for yet another year to share space, time and images both with our audiences, as well as with our collaborators, supporters and volunteers.

Thanks to you, Pravo Ljudski has actively transformed itself as a space of coexistence, a whole that creates connections; figures of interdependence and receptivity onsight as well as online!

We are looking forward to meeting again next year, hopefully in full cinemas, so we can once again share passion, thoughts, spaces and of course share films!

Special thanks to all the collaborators and volunteers of the festival, as well as partners and donors: National Endowment for Democracy, Ministarstvo kulture i sporta Kantona Sarajevo, Fondacija za kinematografiju Sarajevo, Ambasada Brazila u Sarajevu, Ambasada Španije u Bosni i Hercegovini, Austrijski kulturni forum Sarajevo, Filmski Centar Sarajevo, Crosscuts, The Situated Ecologies Platform, KTH University, Route WB6, Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO, Institut za razvoj mladih KULT, Five Stars Film Distribution, Sarajevski kiseljak, Vinogradi Nuić, Office shop, Franz Ferdinand Hostel Sarajevo, Metromedia, BHRT, Radio Sarajevo, Oslobodjenje, DANI, O Kanal, Fashion.Beauty.Love, Duart Platform, SEEcult, Гледај.мк, Balkan Art Scene, Ubiquarian, Revija Ekran.