Online Screenings
News - 28.11.2020.

Zoom Rights, before New Normal started, was a whole year adventure during which we socialized with talented moviemakers from the age of 17 to 25; we traveled, learned about film techniques, and screened films at the end of the PLJFF. But in this New Normal time, our Zoom also moved to Zoom. We held all our activities online, and we will do the same with film selection that will be streamed on our web platform.

The youth program is equally engaged and relevant as the main programme of PLJFF: it investigates exploitation of the land and enslavement of communities, and looks for a political shift. It focuses  on ecological and colonial issues, but also intimate quests for identity, freedom, art. Ten films in this selection are taking us to some of the weirdest locations in the world: such as environmentally devastated shores of the Dead Sea (Dead Sea Dying), whose name itself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Following the music, rap that defies censorship, we’ll be travelling to China (Trapped in a City of Thousand Mountains), and following the history of film – we’re going to the distant year of 1968, whose ideas are now more relevant than ever (Our Defeats). However, we’re also staying at home, and dealing, in a new way, with old themes such as relations with parents and identity (At Home But Not At Home).

Divinations may also be interesting to the viewers from Bosnia and Herzegovina: director Sarah Vanagt worked with children from Brussels, Athens and Sarajevo, asking them to project their impressions, dreams and fears into the future, with the hope they will find deepened perspectives below the surface of the present.

Welcome to Sodom gives us a disturbing representation of the “real” Sodom, as it is called by locals – an electronic graveyard located near the capital of Ghana, Accra. This largest electronic waste dump is the final destination for 250.000 tons of sorted out computers, smartphones and other sorted out devices, but it is also a home to several thousand people who live and work there. This film will also be screened at Radio Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHRT) – the exact timing will be announced soon!

Films from Youth Festival Zoom Rights can be streamed from November 26th to December 19th at Join us! 

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